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I'm the girl that wants to follow you around with a camera! & Who will likely be cracking jokes and giggling before I can even get to the punchline. Plus I'd like to think that I'll get some pretty cool shots along the way! Here's a collection of some of the times where it went exactly like that!

& The category is....

Like what you see?

me shooting square.JPG

Shelby + Evan | The Terrace Hotel | Lakeland, FL

Sophistication at its finest, this wedding was anyone's dream! Shelby + Evan selected the stunning Terrace Hotel in Lakeland, FL for their special day, and it was the perfect backdrop for their loved ones to gather and celebrate them. Full of love and laughter, I've never met two people more perfect for each other. It was nothing short of wonderful, and I was so happy to be a part of their day! Congrats, Shelby + Evan!

Gown Style: Eddy K Bridal Style #EK1243

Entertainment: Airwave Events


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