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I'm the girl that wants to follow you around with a camera! & Who will likely be cracking jokes and giggling before I can even get to the punchline. Plus I'd like to think that I'll get some pretty cool shots along the way! Here's a collection of some of the times where it went exactly like that!

& The category is....

Like what you see?

me shooting square.JPG

Caroline + Jared | Engagement Session | St. Pete Pier

I was so incredibly excited leading up to this session with Caroline + Jared, and it absolutely exceeded my expectations! I've been chatting with these two cuties for a few months now, as I'm lucky enough to be photographing their Spring wedding in Indiana next year. So, when it finally came time to meet them in person for their engagement session, I was so beyond excited!

& wo and behold, these two ended up being the cutest goofballs in the world and we had the best time together! They were so fun and giggly, and it was so lovely to get to know them a bit more while exploring the St. Pete Pier. It was the perfect day with the most gorgeuos sunset, and I was so thrilled with the outcome of this session. So, in conclusion, I'm in love with these two, in love with their photos, and so so beyond excited for their wedding next year. Lots of love for you, Caroline + Jared! <3


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