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I'm the girl that wants to follow you around with a camera! & Who will likely be cracking jokes and giggling before I can even get to the punchline. Plus I'd like to think that I'll get some pretty cool shots along the way! Here's a collection of some of the times where it went exactly like that!

& The category is....

Like what you see?

me shooting square.JPG

Janissa + Pedro | Engagement Session | Del Favero Oasis

Janissa + Pedro, you two are the absolute cutest!! Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting up with these two lovebirds for their engagement session at the gorgeous Del Favero Oasis. They picked this location because Janissa thought it looked straight out of "Twilight", and I could not agree more! This wedding venue was so perfect for their engagement photos, and we had such a great time exploring the grounds during their session.

If there's one thing about Florida, though, is that it was HOT! I could not stop giggling when I'd have them all cuddled up into each other, sweat and all, and they're just like "this is so gross." In the end, it was soooo worth it for these adorable photos! Thankfully, their wedding next year is in the Winter and after this session, I cannot wait to photograph it. Such sweet souls and so so funny to be around :P Congrats again, cuties!


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