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I absolutely adore shooting portraits. Helping people feel beautiful and self-confident is one of the aspects I most enjoy about being a photographer, and I thrive off of delivering photos and hearing a client gush about how much they love them!


As a portrait photographer, my job is to make you look GOOD. Like, trust me, you already look good, but I've got all the lil tricks to get you in the perfect spot with the best lighting in the most flattering pose, and then somehow I'll get a genuine giggle out of you and get The Shot. No one (seriously, no one) ever knows what to do with their hands or how to position that leg, but I've got you! A little tweak here and a lil shift there, and suddenly I'll be in the background screaming: "OMG! Yes!! That's perfect!!!"

When it comes to me, I'm goofy and dumb and sometimes just a little bit awkward, but I'm as me as I possibly can be at each of my sessions, and it truly just ends up feeling like I'm hanging out with a new friend by the end of it. I love to bounce ideas back and forth during the session, making sure to create exactly what my client has in mind. I'm not strict when shooting, and don't be surprised if your sessions over and suddenly I'm like... "hey, so, the lighting is like reallyyyy good right now... just a few more?"


So, whether you're a graduating senior, a content creator, or just someone looking for a new profile pic, lets talk! You need a photographer, and I want to keep working my dream job, so win-win?

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