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About Me

Hi! I'm Romina, but you can call me Mina!

An avid concert goer since the age of 14 becomes a professional photographer, what are the odds she becomes a concert photographer? Pretty high if you ask me! I went to my first concert at 14 years old, and have spent the past 10 years attending as many concerts as I could, from pop to rock, Latin to indie, anything really!


In 2018 I realized that I could combine my love for photography and live music when I shot my first official concert in the photo pit. I absolutely fell in love with the experience, and have been on the hunt for each new show ever since!

I'm available for local gigs, tours, and content shoots. If you need me, I'm there! So, where to?


Romina Raggio Photography | Tampa, FL | 813.843.5189

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